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Smoked fillet from trout
with roasted potatoe cubes & bacon stripes
leeks, small salad bouquet
9.90 €

Tomatoe cream soup
with bread croutons, whipped cream topping
4.90 €

Clear bouillon from beef
with Frittaten (cut pancakes) or semolina dumplings
3.90 €

Homemade goulash soup
with bread
5.50 €

Clear bouillon from beef
with 2 dumplings from local "grey cheese"
5.50 €

Traditional dishes

Medium grilled Rumpsteak
 baby potatoes with butter and rosemary,
vegetables, herbs butter
23.90 €

Onion roasted beef loin
medium grilled, with green beans with bacon,
traditional homemade potatoe pastry
17.90 €

Duett from Viennese Schnitzel
two escalopes from pork, one classical and one breaded
with pumpkin seeds, with french fries or potatoe salad
13.90 €

Cordon Bleu
breaded escalope from pork filled with spinach,
sheep milk cheese and bacon, with french fries or potatoe salad
14.90 €

Grilled filets from trout & char fish
on beetroot risotto, parsley oil
17.90 €

From the Tyrolean inn-kitchen

Stewed venison roast
with red cabbage and traditional Tyrolean potatoe pastry,
junipers cream
19.50 €

Beef goulash
bread dumpling, topped with a fried egg,
small grilled sausage, pickled cucumber
14.90 €

Chicken Viennes Style
breaded 1/2 chicken served in a basket,
potatoe salad
17.90 €

"Kaese Spaetzle"
small boiled dough-dumplings with aromatic beer cheese,
roasted onions and salad
with bacon        13.90 €
without bacon   12.90 €

Schwanner Burger
from beef, onion rings, bacon and stewed bell pepper,
Cheddar-cheese, BBQ-Sauce, potatoe wedges
13.90 €

Salad platter
with 2 dumplings from local "grey cheese"
10.90 €

Homemade desserts

Dumplings from sweet curd cheese
with oranges ragout, cinnamon ice cream
8.90 €

Winter ice cream cup
hazelnut and cinnamon ice cream, ginger bread crumbs,
with Baileys or chocolate sauce
6.50 €

Homemade apple strudel
with whipped cream or vanilla ice cream
4.90 €

Homemade strudel with curd cheese
4.90 €

Sacher cake
chocolate cake with whipped cream
4.90 €

All prices quoted are incl. all taxes.

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